Security Code
Russian developer of software and hardware for information security. The products cover all levels of infrastructural security.
Kaspersky Lab
Kaspersky Lab is an international company operating in the field of information security since 1997. Deep expertise and long-term experience of the company lie at the basis of the new generation of security solutions and services, providing security for business, critical infrastructure, government bodies and ordinary users.
The Confident Group is one of the first non-state organizations on the Russian market to offer information security services.
St. Petersburg
ALTEX-SOFT is a Russian developer of information security solutions. The main activities of the company include the development of RedCheck security analysis tool and security problem definitions in the SCAP protocol formats, support of its own open repository of definitions OVALdb, as well as certification of information protection means as a required of the Russian regulators.
Aladdin R.D.
Aladdin R.D. is a Russian company founded in 1995. Aladdin R.D. is a recognized expert and the leader in means of safe two-factor authentication of users at corporate resources, Web-portals and cloud services. The company's solutions and technologies dominate the market.
UserGate (LLC "UserGate") develops technologies that provide secure access to the Internet, flexible user management, improving the quality of Internet access. Company solutions are used in more than 50 thousand organizations in Russia and foreign countries, thousands of educational institutions, ISP networks and home computers.
Positive Technologies
Positive Technologies has been creating innovative information security solutions for 18 years. The company's products and services make it possible to identify, verify and neutralize real business risks that may arise in the IT infrastructure of enterprises. Their technologies are built on years of research experience and expertise of leading cybersecurity specialists.
InfoWatch develops technologies and products to reduce information security risks, protect and analyze corporate data for companies that see their future as digital.
Today the team's assets include products for comprehensive protection against internal threats at the level of IT infrastructure, DBMS, file system, workstations and information transfer channels, as well as risks from human factor.
The main activity of the company is the development of cryptographic information protection means and Public Key Infrastructure development based on the use of international recommendations and Russian cryptographic algorithms. The Company's products are distributed by more than 850 legal entities on the basis of dealer agreements.
NPO Echelon unites professionals in the field of information security, technical protection of information and counteraction to terrorist activity, with extensive experience in various economic sectors in leading Russian companies-integrators as well as international consulting companies.
Basalt SPO is a developer of the Russian operating systems Alt. The company's experience in software development exceeds 20 years. The company employs more than 130 developers, programmers and technical specialists.
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